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so so cute

Oh my word! If Cha Hyun Suk isn’t the most adorable thing on the face of the planet, I’ll eat my hat. Okay, so maybe I shouldn’t go that far… I mean I did see a pic of a baby pig eating ice cream the other day and that was pretty darn adorable… But I’ll take Hyun Suk’s adorable dimples and mischievous smiles over the pig any day! Especially now that he’s decided to pour on all the charm… *swoon* (continue reading…)


When I sat down to watch the first two episodes of Cheer Up! (aka Sassy Go Go) this weekend, I didn’t really have much of an idea of what I was getting into. I knew Jung Eun Ji, Lee Won Geun and Cha Hak Yeon (aka VIXX’s N) had been cast as leads, which was more than enough enticement for me to give this drama a go, and I knew it had something to do with high school and cheer-leading. In all honesty, I was kinda expecting something more along the lines of Bring it On than anything else so you can imagine my surprise when I walked away from these first two episodes with my heart aching. Obviously these first two episodes moved me which is why I now sit here, ready to dig into this rather surprising drama. (continue reading…)

wonho and friends

Does anyone else ever feel like dancing just because it’s Friday, or is it just me? I can’t help it, I just really love Fridays and I really love Fridays when they’re filled with music. In an effort to make today (and every Friday) just a little bit more awesome, here’s a quick look at some of this past week’s K-Pop MV releases. Woohoo! (continue reading…)


As a drama addict, I’ll be the first to admit there are times when a sweet, fluffy drama is the only thing I want to watch but there are times when something a little more dramatic is what I crave. In a world saturated with melodrama, it can sometimes be difficult to decide which drama I want to have satisfy that craving. My most recent over-the-top melodrama fix came in the form of a highly addicting, 20 episode drama full of ridiculous situations, family turmoil and an incredibly easy-to-love OTP. (continue reading…)


When Monsta X released the “special clip” for “Hero” late last week, I nearly squeed myself out of my chair. (What!?! I can’t be the only one who’s  squeed so hard I almost fell out of your chair, can I!?!) Needless to say, I had a pretty strong inkling I’d be making “Hero” my Tune of the Week and well… Here I am, attempting to write this post without making a complete and total spazz of myself. ㅎㅎㅎ We’ll see how this goes… (continue reading…)

at the spa 2

From bold confrontations to fluttering hearts, this week’s episodes had quite a lot going on and once again I find myself cheering No Ra on as she continues on this journey of self-discovery… self-improvement… self-awareness??? Maybe it’s all of the above? (continue reading…)


I must be on a mini-drama kick because I can’t seem to stop watching them. Maybe it’s because they’re so much easier to finish than a full-fledged drama or maybe they’re just too much fun, I’m not really sure. Whatever the reason, I’ve got a super cute little drama you can marathon this weekend and still have time to go out with your friends… Or stay home and watch another drama, because let’s me honest, that’s usually a whole lot more fun. (Aaaand I just admitted my lameness to the world… Way to go, me! *smh*) (continue reading…)

If You Do 2

Does everyone have their dancing shoes on? Well if you don’t, what are you waiting for? It’s Friday which, if you ask me, is enough to warrant all the dancing, but when you’ve got a bunch of new music to check out, well… Dancing is a must! So, grab those dancing shoes and enjoy some of this past week’s MV releases! (continue reading…)

If You Do 1

Bet you didn’t see this one coming!

Okay, I’m totally joking there. If you know me at all you know there’s no way I’ll ever be able to let a GOT7 comeback go by without making a total fangirl spazz of myself. Well, I’ll try to keep the spazzing to a minimum but I make no promises. (continue reading…)


After months and months of impatiently waiting, the day to make one of my biggest fangirl dreams come true is FINALLY HERE!!!


Today I’m headed to the city to meet up with a friend I haven’t seen in 14 years and see my very favorite Japanese rock band, One OK Rock. (I’m also unofficially celebrating my birthday, which was actually at the beginning of the month but I’m celebrating it now by going to the concert and indulging in a mini-shopping spree at the K-Pop Store in Chinatown. ㅋㅋㅋ) Talk about an awesome way to spend the day!


(I still can’t believe it!)


oor 3

I’m so flipping excited about this concert I haven’t been able to sleep most of the night (which is why I’m writing this at 5:20 in the morning). I’ll probably be the full embodiment of a zombie by the time the concert rolls around but hey, that’s what coffee is for, right?

OOR tour poster

If you’re one of the lucky ones headed to Chicago’s House of Blues this evening and you see a zombified fangirl walking around with super short, dark, spiky hair and glasses (yes, I chopped off all my pink hair *sobs*) be sure to stop me and say hi! I always love meeting new people and making new friends! If I don’t see you at the concert, you can always come back here (or find me on SNS) and we can squee over the concert together! (If you didn’t know already, I’m very good at squeeing!)

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