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I know it’s been about a month since I last posted a playlist but that’s what you get when you travel the world! (Or just North America, as the case may be.) Despite my world-traveling slacker ways, I’m finally back home and oh, so ready to catch up on all the K-Pop I’ve missed over the past month! With that being the case, I’m gonna shut up and dive straight into the music. Woo! (continue reading…)


With my lack of posts over the past week or so, it’s been very obvious that I’ve been very much slacking on my blogging duties but in my defense, it’s not every day you get to celebrate your 15th wedding anniversary and it’s even less often you get to celebrate that anniversary in Cancun! With that being the case, I apologize for neglecting the world of Hallyu but really, I can’t say I’m super-duper sad because, well, I was in frickin’ Mexico! (continue reading…)

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Like so many other drama lovers out there, when I first sat down to watch this weekend’s drama, I was immediately hooked. There was just something about the chemistry between the leading characters that drew me in and I spent the next two months dying for the next episode to be released. Of course so was pretty much every other drama watcher in the world so writing this week’s review might be a bit pointless but I’m gonna write it anyway because who doesn’t want an excuse to squee over Song Joong Ki write about Descendants of the Sun? (continue reading…)

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OH MY GOODNESS! When BTS started teasing us with photos and trailers and such, I knew this comeback was going to be lethal but nothing, and I mean NOTHING, could prepare me for eye-popping, squee-inducing, cuss word-provoking, heart-stopping amazingness of “Fire.” (continue reading…)


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You have no idea how happy I am that today is Friday. It’s just been one of those weeks for me and well, at this point all I can really do is be happy this week is finally coming to an end. Of course, to celebrate the end of the week and a whole bunch of great music, I present to you this week’s KPOS playlist. Woo! (continue reading…)


This week’s “Tune” is one I immediately fell in love with. It’s fun, it’s catchy, and it’s full of all the adorably squishy lyrics that make my silly fangirl heart melt. With so much going for it I couldn’t help but take a little time out to squee over it because, well… When do I ever pass up an opportunity to squee? (continue reading…)

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Well my friends, this drama is finally over and honestly, all I can say is, “Finally!” After suffering through so many episodes of ridiculousness, I can’t say I’m sorry to see this one go. Especially not after the crappy episodes that made up this finale… Ugh!

accept these demolished flowers please

Picking up where things left off in the previous episodes, Hae Joon was in pretty bad shape after being hit by Suk Chul. However being on the brink of death didn’t stop him from walking to the restaurant to meet Da Hye for dinner. After satisfying all of his lingering regrets, Hae Joon passes out at the table and is immediately rushed to the emergency room, where we find out he’s only moments from dying. Again. Making a quick deal with Maya, Hong Nan offers to share her remaining time on earth with Hae Joon, so that he doesn’t have to leave Da Hye just yet. While I get that Gi Tak didn’t want to have to watch his little sister suffer, the fact that Hae Joon was leaving in the not-too-distant future anyway, makes his gesture a bit less poignant that might otherwise have been. Sure, he may have bought Hae Joon a couple more days but in the long run, was it really worth it? What good came out of those last few days anyway?


After the accident, we find out that Cha Jae Kook wasn’t literally responsible for Gi Tak’s death but that really wasn’t good enough for me. I don’t care that Jae Kook was just spouting nonsense in a moment of rage, the fact that the words “kill him” came out of his mouth is enough to make me despise the man forever. Jae Kook knew he was talking to Suk Chul at the time, he knew Suk Chul was a thug, he knew Suk Chul would take his words literally and he showed no remorse after Gi Tak’s death. Not that I expect Jae Kook to ever show remorse about anything… He’s just not that kind of person.

i can't

What kills me the most about all this nonsense with Jae Kook is the fact that at the end of it all, the writer decided to try to paint him in a better light. As if the disappearance of Gi Tak’s memory from the world suddenly made everything that happened in the past, okay. (insert serious eye rolls here) Jae Kook was an awful man with an entire lifetime of awful actions to prove it and now we’re just supposed to accept that he’s going to become a better father and possibly a better husband and an all-around better person? Why the heck would we, as intelligent viewers, be even the slightest bit okay with that? Jae Kook is awful, to his very core, and no amount of forgotten memories is going to make him better. At least it seems Yi Yeon understands that, or I think she does anyway. Things between her and Jae Kook were left very vague and I have no idea if they’re going to go their separate ways or get back together and honestly, I don’t care. I care more about the fact Seung Jae is Yi Yeon’s new road manager, than anything else. I mean really? All memories of Gi Tak have disappeared so why the heck would Seung Jae have anything to do with Yi Yeon?

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I suppose, now that I think about it, just because Gi Tak and Hong Nan’s memories have vanished, doesn’t mean everything the relationships that were built during their time on earth would suddenly disappear. I guess Seung Jae had some sort of memory of working with Yi Yeon and felt it was his duty to go back but seriously, I would have much preferred for him to do more with his life than stick to Yi Yeon. He should have gone back to the restaurant with Jaegal Gil and spent his life honing his skills as a chef with his buddies, rather than spend his life following on the heels of Yi Yeon. It seems like such a waste of his life and it just makes me sad.

gonna die

I’m also sad that Gi Tak and Hong Nan’s memories have all vanished. As hard as I try to understand this, I just can’t. What did Hong Nan do so wrong that she deserves to have her memories erased? All she did was do everything in her power to keep Da Hye safe from Suk Chul. Sure, she and Suk Chul ended up falling to their deaths but it’s not like it was premeditated murder. It was one of those weird fluke accidents that so often happen in dramas. It was awful and I’m sure Da Hye will be scarred for life after seeing Suk Chul splattered all over the sidewalk but really, it was a very convenient way to end all the Suk Chul drama so why punish Gi Tak for saving us all from any more of Suk Chul’s shenanigans? It seems wrong and cruel to have Gi Tak and Hong Nan disappear from the world, especially when there are so many people still alive who loved them.

all the therapy

It’s this stupidity that makes me wonder why Hae Joon and Young Soo’s memories didn’t also disappear. I mean he was right there, hanging on to Hong Nan as she and Suk Chul dangled over the side of that building. Why wasn’t Hae Joon punished for not being able to hold onto them? It seems unfair that the person who went back to Earth and actually did a fair bit of good was the one to be erased from existence while the one who did nothing but make people miserable is the one who gets to be remembered. But I suppose I should expect nothing less from this drama. I mean I spent most of my time watching it frustrated so why should the ending be any different?

on the train

I can’t really say I’m sorry to see this drama go. It was a painful 16 episodes to drag myself through and not even the adorable Seung Jae was enough to make me overlook all the other nonsense this drama threw at us. I guess the lesson to be learned here is, don’t go back to earth once you’re dead. Just let your loved ones remember you in their own way and move on with grace and dignity. Otherwise you risk coming back as just as big of an idiot as you were the first time and you end up making everyone around you miserable. Either that or you make everyone around you a lot happier and then your entire existence is erased from the history of the world… Either way, it doesn’t seem worth the trip.

weird meeting

I really wanted to love this drama. Really, I did. There was just too much nonsense we had to deal with, I never really found it enjoyable. Sure there were some funny moments, especially at the beginning, and those flashes of Rain’s abs were always nice but you need more than a little comedy and abs to make a drama worth watching. There needs to be some sort of character growth and a plot that takes us on a journey actually worth traveling and well, we just didn’t get either one here. It’s sad but that’s just the way it goes sometimes. At least there are plenty of other dramas out there to enjoy. I just hope I have better luck picking one next time.

it's over

So tell me, what did you think of this drama? Were you satisfied with it over all? What about these last two episodes? What did you think of them? Did you like the way this one ended? What would you have changed, if you could? You know I always love hearing from you so be sure to let me know what you think in the comments below!

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It’s a good thing today’s Friday because I just tried to date this post as April 16-22, 1996. Clearly it’s been a long week.

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I find myself wondering how can I even begin to write about this week’s “Tune” without making a total fangirl mess of myself. I really don’t think it’s possible so you’re just gonna have to bear with me as I squee myself silly over VIXX. Again. (continue reading…)

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