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Okay everyone, I have a huge dilemma on my hands and I need your help! For the first time ever I find myself completely unable to decide which song I should feature as this week’s “Tune” and it’s driving me NUTS! SOMEONE HELP ME PLEASE! (continue reading…)

at the movies

I’m not gonna lie, I did an equal amount of cheering and yelling this week as Zhan Cheng undergoes surgery, Ya Ti follows her heart and Bo Yan proves he’s the biggest slime ball on the face of the planet. (As if we didn’t already know that!) With so much to talk about let’s not waste any more time with introductions! I’ve got a drama to talk about! (continue reading…)


This week’s episodes of Hyde, Jekyll and I are all about struggle as Dr. Yoon struggles to accept the truth, Ha Na struggles with her feelings and Robin and Seo Jin struggle to survive. With so many conflicts to resolve, we’ve got much to discuss to let’s get to it! (continue reading…)


This week’s drama to marathon is one of those you’re going to have to watch with a box of tissues handy because there’s no way you’re going to be able to get through it without crying. (Hey, sometimes you just need a good tear-jerker!) (continue reading…)


Oh happy day, it’s finally Friday and that means it’s time to take a look at some of this past week’s K-Pop music video releases. Yippee! (continue reading…)


After tormenting me for a month with the promise of a comeback, VIXX released their special single album, Boys’ Record, on Monday and well, I didn’t really have a choice, I simply had to make “Love Equation” my Tune of the Week. ㅋㅋㅋ (continue reading…)

i'm sorry

This week Bo Yan showed his true colors, Zhan Cheng revealed his heart and my poor heart can’t figure out if it would rather rage at one or cry for the other. I’m so mixed up I can barely think straight! Oh the joys of being a drama addict! (continue reading…)

cute moment

Oh boy! Oh-boy-oh-boy-oh-boy-oh-boy-oh-boy! I thought things were getting exciting last week but all of that crazy pales in comparison to this week’s episodes of Hyde, Jekyll and I. (continue reading…)


It seems short drama series have somehow become theme of the month so I might as well keep things going with a quick review of Switch Girl, Season One.
(continue reading…)

Lovekiller 1

After what feels like an insanely long week, it’s finally Friday (Yippee!) and that means it’s time to take a look at some of this past week’s K-Pop MV releases so let’s get to it! (continue reading…)

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