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You know, it’s been a while since I featured a Japanese drama for our Friday Night Drama so I decided this would be the perfect week to do just that because, why not? So, without further ado, I present to you A Clinic on the Sea for this week’s featured drama. (continue reading…)

go your way jonghyun

It’s Friday and we all know what that means… It’s time to look back over the many K-Pop music videos that were released this week and decide which were our favorites. Hooray!

JYJ “Back Seat”

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You know, sometimes you stumble across a song that speaks to your current mood and/or soothes your troubled soul and today I found one that did both, HIGH4′s brand new collaboration with Lim Kim, “A Little Close”. (continue reading…)

go your way yonghwa

Just over a week from their appearance at KCON 2014, CNBLUE is back with a new Japanese single and whether it’s because I’ve got KCON on the brain or because I will forever harbor a crush on Yong Hwa, I just had to make “Go Your Way” my Tune of the Week. (continue reading…)

in a field

Hello everyone! Hallyu Tanya and I are back with another Hallyu Zombie Drama Review and since I know you’re all as excited as I am about us reviewing It’s Okay, That’s Love… (Okay, so maybe you’re not quite as excited as I am but I’m going to pretend that you are so that I feel better about myself. Ha!) Anyhoo, whether you’re excited or not, I’m happy to be reviewing this drama so let’s just skip all of this introductory fluff and dive in, shall we? (continue reading…)

evil incarnate

Substituting reason for madness seems to be the new theme of Fall in Love With Me and I’m so beyond flipping tables that all I can do is yell profusely at my computer as I watch this drama disappear in a giant mushroom cloud of crazy. (continue reading…)

piggy back in the woods

Here I thought I’d actually be able to get through an entire episode of Fall in Love With Me without flipping a single table and then, in the last sixty seconds, I go and burn and entire table factory to the ground. WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH THIS SHOW!?! (continue reading…)

logoKCON 2014 Includes Two Night of K-pop Concerts, Appearances from Top Korean Drama Stars,  “League of Legends” Exhibition Match, and the “Taste of KCON”

A Larger Convention with More Panels, Workshops and Special Guests from Across Hallyu Storm Downtown L.A.August 9 and 10

 LOS ANGELES, CA – July 25, 2014 – KCON, the largest annual fan celebration of all things Hallyu, announced today that the third annual convention will feature a free marketplace with vendors from around LA and a free outdoor stage.  KCON 2014 also revealed its program schedule for this year’s two day convention taking place August 9 and 10 in Downtown Los Angeles. Building on last year’s highly successful event at the Los Angeles Memorial Arena, KCON 2014 will return with a programming slate double the size and more varied than ever.  In addition to two star-studded K-pop concerts (up from one in 2013), special guests and a new program of panels and workshops, KCON 2014 will add a slew of first-time features to the convention.  These include:

  • A free market and outdoor stage, which will showcase local artists along with vendors from the L.A. area including the “Taste of KCON,” serving up some of the best food from K-Town.
  • Huge K-Drama stars Yoo In NaLee Seung Gi and Lee Seo Jin appearing at KCON as special guests.
  • An E-sport exhibition match with professional “League of Legends” players;
  • Opportunities to meet the top YouTubers from Asia’s #1 multi-channel network – Creator Group.

Over 20,000 fans from all across the world attended last year, doubling attendance from the previous year, and KCON is excited to welcome even more fans this summer. For more information on KCON 2014, the program and the special guests please visit www.kconusa.com.

KCON is co-produced by Asia’s leading content company CJ E&M and its global music channel Mnet. In the U.S., Mnet America, a youth entertainment brand for all things Asian cool, includes the biggest national, English-language lifestyle television network for fans of Asian pop culture.

KCON 2014 tickets are available here.

better group 1

With KCON fast approaching, it’s easy to get caught up in the frenzy of preparations that come with making our exodus to the Hallyu Holy Land, so I’ve decided help all of my fellow KCON-bound chingus by suggesting you take a little time to rest, relax and reflect on the awesomeness that’s about to descend upon us all. To help with your time of reflection, here’s a quick look at everything BTS has been doing in L.A. for the past month and what we have to look forward to when we get there ourselves. (Because we didn’t have enough to look forward to already!) (continue reading…)

title 1
This week’s drama is full of detectives, unsolved mysteries and one of the most good-looking ghosts you’ll ever see which, in and of itself, is more than enough reason to recommend Who Are You as your weekend drama to marathon. ㅋㅋㅋ (continue reading…)

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