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title 2Believe it or not, I’m finally off my mini-drama kick and I’m back to talk about a full-length, melodrama-filled, tear-jerker of a family/romance drama that’ll not only hit you in the feels, but make you insanely hungry for seolleongtang. (Seriously, I’ve been trying to master the art of making this soup ever since!) (continue reading…)

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Oh happy day! It’s finally Friday and you all know what that means! Time to take a look at some of this past week’s K-Pop music video releases! Yippee! (continue reading…)

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Sometimes you come across a song that’s so flipping adorable you can’t help but fall instantly in love. San E’s latest release, “Me You” just happens to be exactly that type of song which is why I’m making it my Tune of the Week. (continue reading…)


So we all know BTS is scheduled to make a comeback at the end of this month and OH HOLY FLIP! I’m so dang excited I feel like I’m gonna explode! I mean is there an ARMY in the world who isn’t on the verge of dying at the moment? Surely I’m not alone in my fangirl freak-out! Am I? (continue reading…)

depend on me

Oh good grief! I don’t know how this show does it but it has me jumping for joy, dying from laughter, squeeing from a massive attack of warm-fuzzies and crying out in angry frustration all in a single episode. Seriously! I feel like I’ve just gotten of a roller-coaster of feels and I’m so shaken from the ride I’m not sure I’ll ever recover! (continue reading…)

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This week’s episodes of Sensory Couple were just… Wow. In two episodes all my theories, guesses and expectations have been simultaneously proven and crushed and all I can do is sit here stunned while I try to process everything that’s happened. Needless to say, we’ve got some things to talk about this week so let’s get to it! (continue reading…)


Hey everyone! It’s been ages since Hallyu Tanya, Drama Debussie and I got together to review a drama but we had a request for this one so here we go! (continue reading…)


I don’t know why but I’ve been on a short drama kick lately. It might have something to do with the fact I’m still buried under twelve feet of boxes or maybe I’m just being a slacker… Whatever the reason, there’s something to be said for a drama you can finish in a day. You can watch it and move on with your life (or onto a new drama) without feeling like you’ve just invested eighteen years of your life into something. It’s a nice feeling, really, which is why I’m recommending you give Puberty Medley a go this weekend. (continue reading…)

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Woohoo! It’s Friday and we all know what that means! No, it’s not time to order pizza and marathon The Master’s Sun for the 800th time (though that doesn’t sound like a bad idea…). Nope! It’s time to take a look at this past week’s K-Pop MV releases. Yippee! I’m so happy I could do the dance of joy! *does a spazzy dance around the room* (continue reading…)

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As I’m sure many of you know, Block B’s sub-unit, Bastarz, made their debut earlier this week, releasing their first mini album, Zero for Conduct and oh my giddy flipping aunt! I haven’t been this crazy for a song since VIXX released “Voodoo Doll” back in 2013! Of course when a group makes me spazz as much as VIXX, you know I have no choice but to feature them as my Tune of the Week.

B-Bomb 2

I honestly don’t even know where to begin with this one, I’m so completely gone when it comes to both Bastarz and “Zero for Conduct”. When I first heard the news that a Block B spin-off group would be debuting in the not-too-distant future, I was pretty excited. I mean I love Block B and since it feels like ages since they last had a comeback, I was happy to hear they’d be releasing something to help keep the BBC in me satisfied. (Yes, I know both Zico and Taeil have released solo work since H.E.R. but you have to admit, solo work just doesn’t have the same Block B vibe.) When I saw that B-Bomb, U-Kwon and P.O were going to be the members of said sub-unit, I was pretty flipping stoked because, let’s face it, that’s a dang lethal combination. While waiting for this debut, I found myself growing increasingly excited as I allowed myself to hope for greatness but nothing, and I mean N.O.T.H.I.N.G., could prepare me for the amazingness that is Bastarz.


P.O 2

I kid you not, it took exactly six seconds for me to know “Zero for Conduct” was going to be my new favorite song. Seriously, those first few notes was all it took to have me hooked and things only got better from there. This song is absolutely everything I could ever want from a Block B sub-unit and it has reduced me to a sobbing mess of a fangirl. Even now, days later, I’m still laying crumpled on the floor, a total wreck of a once (semi) sane zombie. Seriously, I cannot squee enough over this song or this video. I. AM. IN. LOVE.

Now I know that this video isn’t for everyone. It’s a bit gross, especially for anyone who might be a bit more sensitive to the sight of blood and/or raw meat, and it’s a bit more, uhhh… seductive (is that really the word I’m looking for here???) than some K-Pop videos out there but oh my gracious! For those of you who can handle it, this video is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. And yes, I’m completely captivated by it at the moment. There’s just something about the use of color and light, the costumes and choreography… It’s all wonderful and I love it but what really has me hooked, what seals the deal and makes me want to scream and cry and gush and wail and fall to the floor, begging for more is the fact that the concept of this video is vampires. Yup! That’s right! You heard me! VAMPIRES!!! *screeches wildly* (Sorry, my feels got the better of me for a second. I’m better now. I think…) EEEP! (Maybe not.) What can I say? I’m a dork.

U-Kwon 1

I could go on for hours and hours and hours about how much I love this song and this video but I’ll spare you from more of my spazzing and just say this… I’m extremely happy with Bastarz’s debut and I’m really looking forward to more from them in the future. More amazing songs… More wonderfully wiggly dances… More U-Kwon making my heart stop… More B-Bomb making me swoon… More P.O making me forget how to breathe… More… Okay, I’d better just stop there before I get myself into trouble… Let’s just say there’s a lot of reasons to love Bastarz which is why I now find myself in fangirl heaven.  (Thank you Bastarz for making my week!)

group 1

So tell me, what do you think of Block B’s new sub-unit? Do you find yourself in a new level of BBC heaven or is Bastarz not really your cup of tea? You know I always love hearing from you so be sure to let me know what you’re thinking by leaving me a comment below! Oh! And is anyone else as in love with P.O’s hats as I am? ‘Cause seriously! I want them all! (And U-Kwon’s black pants… Geeze those are fabulous!)

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