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Well my friends, it took me a whole lot longer than I intended it to but we’ve finally come to the end of this drama and this review which means it’s time to give our final thoughts and say goodbye. (Don’t worry, it’s not a permanent goodbye, just a “so long” to this particular drama.) (continue reading…)

sticky situation

So first of all, I need to apologize for dropping this drama review two weeks before the end of the show but the BTS concert, KCON, week of birthdays and spontaneous trip to visit my parents really threw me off my groove. That being said, I’m going to try to get this review wrapped up really quick so I can move on to other things. So, let’s talk about these crazy episodes, shall we? (continue reading…)


You know, it feels like forever since I last sat down to write one of these Tune of the Week posts but that’s probably because it has been. What the heck is up with that!?! (I blame life. It’s always trying to mess with my regularly scheduled fangirling. *sigh*) (continue reading…)

Monsta X 2

So now that I’ve recounted all my adventures, the only thing I have left to do is share all the pictures I couldn’t squeeze into my original posts. I still have so many to get through it’s probably going to take me the rest of forever but here’s a good handful to get things started. I hope you like them! (continue reading…)

Block B 2

The worst part about attending something as amazing as KCON is having to go back to the “real” world once it’s over. That was my problem when I woke up Monday morning and realized the fun was over and my life back home was calling. (continue reading…)


As I said in my last post, I slept in until 7:30 Sunday morning and Oh! You have no idea how good it felt! After an evening of such intense fangirling, I was exhausted and the little bit of extra sleep was wonderful! (continue reading…)

title screen

Oh dear gracious! Someone send in the rescue squad! Fangirl down! I repeat. FANGIRL DOWN! (continue reading…)

Monsta X fan meet 1

My adventures on Friday must have worn me out because I actually slept in until 7 Saturday morning! Woohoo! Of course everyone else in my room had the good sense to still be asleep at 7 so I got myself dressed and headed to the hotel lobby to call home and tell the family I was still alive and well. Once I convinced the fam I wasn’t dead, I set out in search of the elusive and much-needed coffee. (continue reading…)

GOT7 1

Once again I found myself awake and some ungodly hour but rather than spend the next couple of hours drooling over the pretty posters I was surrounded by, I decided it’d be better for me to just get up and get ready for the day. Knowing I was going to be speaking in front of who knows how many people in a matter of hours, I spent a rather embarrassing amount of time trying to pull a miraculously fabulous outfit out of my suitcase. I failed on the fabulous but I did managed to put something together that met with the approval of my “stylists.” (Aka my group of Chicago friends who remind me, on an almost daily basis, that I’m not nearly as hideous as I believe I am… Oh, what would I do without them?) With an outfit agreed upon I got myself put together in a reasonable amount of time, as did everyone else in the house, and before I knew it, we were off! Headed for downtown L.A. and the first official day of KCON. Woohoo! (continue reading…)


Who knew Tic Tacs could be so amusing?

The worst part of being in California is running on Central Time the entire time I was there. Waking up to find it isn’t even 06:00 yet is rather depressing but I expected as much; I did the same thing the last time I was in LA, I just didn’t go strolling along the beach this time… *sigh* (continue reading…)

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