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Hallyu Tanya and I are back with our weekly review of Boarding House No. 24 and since I know you’re all as excited to chat about this week’s episode as we are, let’s get to it! (continue reading…)


Hallyu Tanya, Drama Deubssie and I are back with our review of episode six of The Greatest Marriage and, as usual, we’ve got a lot to say so let’s get to it! (continue reading…)

groupYou know, I had a really REALLY hard time trying to decide which song to pick for this week’s “Tune” because both BEAST and BTS released a new video and they’re both SO GOOD, it’s been nearly impossible to pick a favorite! After watching both videos about a thousand times and deliberating for what feels like forever, I’ve finally made up my mind but you should know, it was not a decision easily made. Had it not been for the fact I wrote an entire fangirl squee post over BTS on Tuesday, I probably would have gone with “Hormone War” as this week’s tune (because that song has been on “repeat” on my iPod for weeks) but I did, so I feel it’s only right to give BEAST the “Tune of the Week” spotlight for their powerful and emotional comeback track, “12:30″. (continue reading…)


Okay, so yesterday BTS released a whole slew of concept photos, saying it was the precursor to their upcoming promotions but we all know it was actually just a sneaky ploy to get fangirls the world-over so flipping excited for the release of their “Hormone War” MV that when the video finally hit YouTube, the entire fandom would fall out of their chairs and start sobbing uncontrollably over its perfection. (Stinking punks!) (continue reading…)


Zombie: There’s no longer any point in me saying “I LOVE THIS DRAMA” because, well, we’ve already firmly established that, so i’m just gonna dive right in. This week had a lot of ups and downs, with Hong Bin trying to come to grips with who and what he is and trying to decide how to keep those few people in his life that he actually cares about, safe. It makes sense that he’s worried about hurting Se Dong and Chang because he really did put Se Dong in the hospital and I can appreciate his struggle because it means he’s trying to do the right thing. (continue reading…)


Hey everyone! Hallyu Tanya and I are back with yet another video drama review! (I know, you’re all jumping for joy now. What a coincidence, so are we!) This time we’re reviewing Tomorrow’s Cantabile and I have to say, we’re both pretty darn excited about this one so let’s get to it! (continue reading…)

one for all and all for one

Oh my gosh! The suspense in this week’s episodes was so intense, I don’t think I took a breath the entire time I was watching! (And people wonder why I’m addicted to this show… HA!) (continue reading…)

In my never ending attempt to be honest while living this drama lifestyle, I’ll start with the obvious in that this week’s episodes were a little off-kilter but when is this show ever not been off-kilter? Nevertheless, it still managed to be beautifully executed. Seems that Wookie’s real life vocal rest forced the show to start really delving into the emotional journeys of each character…And I loved it!

(continue reading…)

Myungsoo kills me

Hallyu Tanya and I are back with our take on episodes 9-10 of My Lovable Girl and I have to say, I’m feeling all sorts of feels over our OTP and adorable second. Please someone, please tell me I’m not the only one suffering over these kids! (continue reading…)


I don’t know if it’s because I’m currently watching Park Si Yeon in The Greatest Marriage or if it’s just because it’s cold and rainy outside and the idea of curling up with a good drama and a hot cup of coffee sounds like the best idea in the world (I suppose it could be a combination of the two) but for whatever reason, I’ve decided that Coffee House should be this weekend’s drama to watch. (continue reading…)

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