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You know, there is such a constant stream of new music in the world of K-Pop that it’s very nearly impossible for me to keep up with it all. That being the case, I’ve decided to start reviewing/talking about/spazzing over the music videos that move me, as I come across them, be they old or new or somewhere in-between. So, without further ado, I present you with my brand new spazzy review segment, “K-Pop Ate Her Brain” and Henry’s “Fantastic”. (continue reading…)




One Lucky Fan Will Win a Technology Prize Pack and a Trip to KCON 2014

 LOS ANGELES, CA, July 23, 2014 –The “Wish for More Sweepstakes,” presented by KCON Technology Sponsor Verizon is back. This summer, one lucky fan will win a VIP trip for two to KCON 2014, the largest Korean pop culture convention in North America, including 2 VIP KCON convention and concert tickets, airfare, 3-night hotel accommodations, plus a technology prize pack including a smartphone, tablet and an accessory of the winner’s choice. (continue reading…)


As most of you already know, next month KCON, America’s biggest Hallyu festival, is coming to Los Angeles once again. There are so many amazing acts and special guest stars, but among all of them B1A4 stands out as one of the most precious groups. Unfortunately I am not able to attend KCON myself, but here are some things to get you excited about seeing the B1A4 boys in Los Angeles! (continue reading…)

so sad

Angry, hurt and heartbroken, I watched this episode of Fall in Love With Me feeling every one of Tian Xing’s emotions and may have flipped every table in a ten-mile radius in the process… (continue reading…)

stripey suits

As many of you already know, VIXX is headed to L.A. in just a few short weeks, to participate in KCON, North America’s largest convention dedicated to “All Things Hallyu” and to celebrate, I’ve decided to share with you six reasons why you should be just as happy about VIXX’s appearance as I.

1. N’s Sidelong Glance


It’s no secret that N is the master of the sidelong glance and while it’s one thing to experience this lethal look through the wonders of YouTube, it’s quite another thing to experience this look in real life. The very idea of seeing it in person is enough to make even the most phlegmatic fangirl weak in the knees (or maybe that’s just me…) so seeing it in real-life may actually prove fatal but I’m sure every Starlight would agree, it’s a risk we’re willing to take.

2. Hongbin’s Dimples

hongbin's dimples

It is a fact, universally acknowledged, that dimples are adorable and those lucky enough to possess them are immediately irresistible to those around them. That being the case, it stands to reason that when a member of a K-Pop band is not only unimaginably good-looking but also possesses the world’s most swoon worthy dimples, it’s hard to believe that person is real which is why, in the case of Hongbin, seeing will be believing. Only after seeing Hongbin in person will I be able to accept that such perfection does, in fact, exist and I may never be the same again…

(And for those of you who might be wondering who’s in this video with Hongbin, it’s B1A4′s Gongchan who, coincidentally, will also be at KCON. Hooray!)

3. Leo Embarrassed

leo bites his lip

Known as the cold, chic member of the group, Leo has a tendency to come across a bit strong (especially when he’s giving one of his band-mates one of his death stares) but there’s another side to Leo that is so ridiculously adorable, you can’t help but love him. And what is this adorable side, you ask. Well, aside from the fact that he loves children and animals and every time he cuddles one or the other you find yourself melting into a puddle of fangirl goo, there’s the fact that Leo gets incredibly embarrassed on-stage and his entire tough-guy persona dissolves in seconds. While there may not be a chance to watch Leo cuddle babies during KCON there’s a good chance we’ll be able to see him try to hide behind a fellow band member after saying something that he finds embarrassing and that, my friends, will be worth the price of admission, right there! (That and the fact he has the voice of an angel…)

4. Ravi’s Voice


We all know Ravi is the rapper of the group and as such, you may have overlooked the fact that Ravi has an amazing voice and I’m not talking about just when he’s performing. Deep, rich and soothing, Ravi’s voice is one that you could listen to for hours as you let the world dissolve into nothingness around you which might be just what you need at KCON, especially if you’re stuck next to one of those people who constantly jumps on your toes during the concerts and never bothers to apologize. Just remember to focus on Ravi’s voice and breathe (if that’s even possible with VIXX on-stage).

5. Ken’s Dorkiness


When it comes to loveable dorks, Ken has to be the master. There’s something irresistibly adorable about the way Ken can combine his aegyo and his dorkiness to make you think he’s a total goob and then turn around and knock you off your feet with his incredible voice. With such a unique combination of character and talent, you can be sure Ken is going to make you laugh and probably steal your heart, all at the same time.

(And now you’ll probably never be able to hear the word “ottokaji” without singing this song.)

6. Hyuk’s Amazing Transformation


Hyuk may be the maknae of the group but that doesn’t mean he’s a baby. On the contrary, in the past two years Hyuk has managed to transform from adorable high school student to one of the manliest maknae’s you’ve ever seen. How did he pull off this amazing transformation? I have no idea but perhaps if we see him in person, we can unravel this mystery together…

Of course it goes without saying that, more than anything, the reason you should be looking forward to seeing VIXX at KCON is because they’re an incredibly talented group who are sure to deliver a fantastic performance but it’s fun to come up with other reasons, just because I can. Naturally, now that I’ve shared six reasons why you should be looking forward to seeing VIXX at KCON, I want to hear yours. What are you most looking forward to seeing in person? Which songs would you like to see them perform? Which member is your favorite? I want to know it all so be sure to leave me a comment below! (Oh, and if you’re headed to KCON, I’ll see you there! 19 days and counting!!!)

You know the best part of  “Tanya-takeovers”? I can do what I want! That means there are TWO tunes of the week this week, just because I can. Don’t get my wrong… I love B1A4, BEAST, and Henry, but Dynamic Duo+DJ Premier and Lucky J killed it!


(continue reading…)

Back again with some of the new K-Pop M/V releases from this week! There were so many good ones this week that I seriously don’t know how I’m going to pick the “tune of the week!” Let me know what your favorites were in the comments below!

B1A4 “Solo Day”

(continue reading…)



While ZombieMamma is out-of-communication for the week, I have taken over her Friday duties! For this Friday Night Drama, I’m taking you back a ways to a show about the restaurant world, where chef is pitted against chef, and not even the goldfish are safe! Having worked in several different calibers of food establishments in my life, the basic premise of Pasta intrigued me greatly, so when I started watching it, it quickly became a marathon. (continue reading…)

make a wish

Hallyu Tanya are back with our final review of We Got Married: Global Edition, Season 2 and we want to know, did you enjoy this season as much as the first? Which parts were your favorite? Which couple was your favorite? Who would you like to see appear in Season Three (if there is such a thing)? We want to know it all so be sure to leave us a comment below! (continue reading…)

a moment

This week I saw the slightest glimmer of hope for Tian Xing, as things finally started looking up for him and Le Si and then, wouldn’t you know it, the entire world came crashing down and I was left flipping tables and stomping around the room like a rabid elephant. Such is the life of an avid T-drama watcher, I suppose… So, let’s dive into this week’s shenanigans, shall we? (continue reading…)

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