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looking kinda nervous

Things are certainly taking an interesting turn as this crazy story continues to unfold and I have to say, I’m liking where this is headed. Of course I’m a bit nervous that things will far apart before the end but for the moment, I’m celebrating with Ji Sook over her small triumphs. (continue reading…)

Field of Dreams

Oh happy day! It’s finally Friday and a holiday weekend to boot! Woohoo! Since it’s a weekend for celebration here in the States, let’s kick things off with some of this past week’s newest K-Pop MVs shall we? (continue reading…)

Sober 1

Okay, okay! I’ll be the first to admit I’m letting my bias groups get in the way of my “objective” Tune of the Week selections but c’mon! It’s not every day you get to write about a new Big Bang song so I’m gonna make the most of this opportunity while it lasts! (continue reading…)

in the hospital

We’ve reached the half-way point in this drama and things are just as complicated as ever as plans, plans of plans and plans within plans begin to take shape, unfold and unravel. Of course you know what that means, don’t you? It means we’ve got lots to talk about so let’s get to it! (continue reading…)


This past weekend brought with it the end of a rather quirky and quite hilarious drama and since I haven’t written one of these “you have to go watch it right now” posts in a while, I thought I’d try to get back in the habit starting with Producer. (continue reading…)

Group 2

I have no doubt you all saw this one coming a mile away but c’mon! Can you blame me? BTS spent a flippin’ week building up all my hopes and expectations as I waited for the release of this music video and now that it’s here… ASDFGHJKL! SEE??? I’m so freaking excited about this video I can’t even find the words to express how I truly feel! (continue reading…)


Last week, while taking my daily stroll through the Twitter-verse, I happened upon a Tweet from one of my favorite venues here in Chicago, The House of Blues, which very nearly knocked me out of my chair and this is what it said… (continue reading…)

holding hands

I can’t believe we’ve come to the end of this rather quirky and adorable drama but we have. It’s been an interesting run, full of unique, interesting and ultimately, lovable characters and I’ve enjoyed the time I’ve spent watching this one, particularly in the moments when Seung Chan made me squee over his cuteness. But there’s more to talk about than one oddly adorable rookie producer so let’s get to it! (continue reading…)

you're a rock

I’m just gonna say this right here and now, this drama is without a doubt, the most crazy mess of fabulous insanity I’ve ever watched and I friggin’ love it! I can’t remember the last time I’ve been so addicted to a drama and the days that fill the gap between one week’s episodes to the next drag on for an eternity. I’m dying to find out what happens next and the only thing that’s keeping me going as I impatiently wait for an entire week to drag by, is by talking about what happened in this week’s episodes. So… Here we go!

why you

Last week we left Min Woo and Eun Ha in a rather um… interesting position. To keep Eun Ha from suffering from hypothermia, after falling into the river, Min Woo took it upon himself to strip both of them down to their birthday suits and then pile under whatever dry clothes they had between them. Of course it only makes sense for Suk Hoon to be the one to find these two, lost and naked in the woods, because who else in the family cares enough to go searching for the lost couple? Not that Suk Hoon actually cares for the couple, he’s just terrified that Eun Ha is going to some day spill the beans to Min Woo, especially now that it appears they’ve taken their relationship to a whole new level. One does have to wonder how the heck Suk Hoon found these two when they were so lost they couldn’t find their way to any semblance of civilization. I suppose if he’s got a tracker on Eun Ha, it’d make sense he’d have one on Min Woo as well. Even if that were the case, was it really necessary for Suk Hoon to go charging to the rescue?


I’m seriously beginning to wonder about Suk Hoon’s actual motives, at least when it comes to Eun Ha. I understand his need to control her, as she’s a major player in his plan to take over the company but the moments when I begin to wonder if he’s forgotten who she really is are becoming more and more frequent. It seems to me that in all of his effort to run Ji Sook into Eun Ha, Suk Hoon is starting to forget that the Eun Ha he loved no longer exists. Now I’m not saying that Suk Hoon is trying to make the moves on Eun Ha or anything, there have just been too many instances when he looks at her in just such a way that makes me think he’s remembering the real Eun Ha. There are also times when Suk Hoon almost seems to display a bit of jealousy, especially as things between Eun Ha and Min Woo progress, and again I have to wonder if Suk Hoon isn’t losing his grip on reality, at least in terms of his relationship with Eun Ha. I know Suk Hoon is too smart and conniving and calculating and he always seems to have all the answers but that doesn’t mean that he isn’t human. When the real Eun Ha died, he lost the woman he loves and having an imposter parading around him as the real deal has to be exhausting both physically and emotionally. Not that I think Suk Hoon deserves any sort of break or sympathy because he doesn’t. I just think that as the story progresses, Suk Hoon is going to continue to lose his grasp on the crazy world he’s built around himself.

nice marriage

As Suk Hoon gets lost in his own world of insanity, those around him are swept up into it as well. Unfortunately Eun Ha is the only one who really knows that she’s trapped in Suk Hoon’s world, the rest are just there to suffer the consequences of his crazy. As much as I don’t like Mi Yeon as a person (because she’s a truly horrid human being) she’s still a pawn in Suk Hoon’s game and she’s being played like you would not believe. This poor girl, for whatever unknown reason, seems to truly be in love with her insane husband which means she stands to be hurt by him a thousand times over. No matter how many times Suk Hoon may say he loves his wife, not only do we all know he’s lying but Mi Yeon knows it as well and yet she chooses to believe those lies because it’s what her heart wants to hear. I am truly curious as to why Mi Yeon married her husband. Was it really for love? I’m pretty sure Suk Hoon married Mi Yeon to get her inheritance but in the process of wooing her, did she actually fall for him? If that’s really the case, I pity the woman. I really do. To be married to someone who doesn’t love you has to be the most miserable of existences and I really wish she’d do something more to ensure her happiness than cling to the lies of her snake of a husband.


While Mi Yeon and Suk Hoon aren’t the only people in this family to suffer in a messed up marriage, at least things between Min Woo and Eun Ha are progressing in a more positive direction. I am having so much fun watching Min Woo try to make sense of the feelings he’s developing for Eun Ha. He is so adorable, trying to justify his actions while denying his feelings. The more he tries to rationalize things, the more adorable he becomes not just to me, but to his wife. I love the fact that Eun Ha is reminiscing over that kiss just as much as Min Woo is and I’m really loving the fact that she wants to accept his feelings but refuses to let herself get closer to him because she knows he’s falling for someone under false pretenses. I spent way too much time yelling at my computer this week as Eun Ha repeatedly tries to tell Min Woo the truth but is never quite able to get it all out. She got far enough to tell him that she’s not who he thinks she is but that just not enough! I’m cursing Suk Hoon a thousand times over for interrupting Min Woo and Eun Ha’s “date” at the household bar. It was such a lovely scene and so much happened between them, I had such high hopes for better things to come but the evil brother-in-law had to ruin everything and now Min Woo has all these horrible thoughts about his wife floating around in his head.

so much doubt

It pains me to watch Min Woo suffer so much doubt about his wife when she has no real clue about what he’s thinking. Leave it to a jealous sister to plant such malicious seeds of doubt in her brother’s head. You knew she had to come into play somewhere and this is Mi Yeon’s forte. She’s out for blood when it comes to Eun Ha and I’m afraid now the only way Min Woo is ever going to believe Eun Ha, at least when it comes to her relationship with Suk Hoon, is if she tells him who she really is. I’m really, really, really hoping that this incident at the police station will lay all things bare between them. That’s really the only way I see the two of them getting out of this tangled mess of insanity. Min Woo needs to know that his wife is actually, Ji Sook. He needs to know that she’s trapped in one of Suk Hoon’s elaborate schemes and he needs to find a way to save not only her but her family as well. I hate to put so much responsibility on such a troubled soul but he’s more than capable of taking Ji Sook and her family under his wing. He simply needs to know the truth about Ji Sook/Eun Ha and the decide to love her no matter what her name. I know, I’m probably asking for a lot here but a girl can always dream, can’t she?

go for the kiss

So tell me, what did you think of these two episodes? Were you squealing with me over Min Woo’s adorableness? Were you cursing Suk Hoon for disturbing Min Woo and Eun Ha’s special moment? Am I the only one feeling like Suk Hoon is forgetting Eun Ha isn’t actually Eun Ha? Do you think Eun Ha will ever have the chance to tell Min Woo the truth? Will the pair be able to get to Ji Hyeok and save him before it’s too late? Is there really any hope for Ji Sook’s family? Even if she can pay off her family’s debt, will her family survive? Everything seems to bleak at the moment. Will there ever be a light at the end of this crazy tunnel? You know I always love hearing from you so be sure to let me know what you’re thinking by leaving me a comment below!

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group 1

As I’m sure pretty much everyone in the world knows, 2PM made their long-awaited comeback earlier this week and OH MY GIDDY FLIPPING AUNT! I’m so in love with their title track, “My House”, that there’s no way I could pass this up as my Tune of the Week. (continue reading…)

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