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KCON headerAs I’m sure many of you know, KCON NY is just a couple of days away which means it’s officially time for this zombie to start functioning solely on caffeine and adrenaline. WOOO-HOOOOOOO! (Okay, so may I should cut back on the caffeine a little… or a lot…) (continue reading…)

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Once again I’m doing my happy dance, for no other reason than because IT’S FRIDAY!!! WOOHOOOOOOOOOO! (Yeah… I should really consider laying off the coffee…)With today being that most wonderful of weekdays, it’s time to take a look at this week’s new MV releases. Woot! (continue reading…)

SEVENTEEN has stolen my heart once again and is my choice for “tune” of the week, with their latest MV “(세븐틴) –S.Coups - SEVENTEEN 사랑쪽지(Love Letter)”.

Last night as I lay in bed, miserable from this summer heat (Arkansas humidity is no joke), “Love Letter” came on my YouTube playlist and immediately my spirits were raised. I wanted to twirl in circles with Woozi, splash around in the pool with S.Coups, frollick through grassy meadow with handsomely pretty boys in pastel suites, and dream of a summer romance with SEVENTEEN. *be still my beating heart*

The song has a very carefree and fun vibe, and while Woozi and DK have been my favorite vocals from the beginning, Mingyu caused actual chills during his seductive solo, and his little Elvis leg shake didn’t help matters any at all. *excuse me I need a moment to compose myself…..deep breathe and exhale*

The MV itself, is filled with fun and candid moments amongst the members of SEVENTEEN. The smiles are truly genuine and my heart turns to ultimate mush with Vernon’s eyes smile. The members of SEVENTEEN are true charmers and I will be awaiting patiently for my “Love Letter” from them.SEVENTEEN

What were your favorite moments from the MV?? Who would you want your love letter to be from or better yet have you ever written a love letter to your bias??? Tell us your story in the comments below…


Jung Joon Young Band 1

I don’t know about you, but I’m super happy today is Friday! Then again, I’m always happy it’s Friday… (It is my favorite day of the week, after all.) To celebrate my most favorite of weekdays, I’ve got another playlist full of goodness for you. Woohoo! (continue reading…)


I know I’m not going to surprise anyone with my choice for this week’s “Tune” but that’s okay because it’s EX-flipping-O! I think that pretty much all the reason anyone needs to break into a fangirl squee-fest. Not that that’s what I’ll be doing in this post… *laughs uncontrollably* (continue reading…)

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It’s been several years now since I first started this little ole website of mine and it’s been a lot of fun watching it change and grow into something so far beyond the reaches of my own imagining. As those of you who’ve been with me the longest know, over the years I’ve had various friends step in, from time to time, to help me squee over biases or rant over dramas. I’ve always loved having other writers step in and help out with content, as I find their unique voices both refreshing and inspiring. I love the fresh perspective other writers bring and well, you just can’t get that when I’m the only one writing. (Shocking, I know.) (continue reading…)


Oh happy day, it’s finally Friday! This week has been total crap for me so I’m more than ready to celebrate the start of the weekend. To kick this party off right, I’ve got another playlist full of new MVs. Woohoo! (continue reading…)


Oh gracious! I’ve been anxiously awaiting the release of this week’s “Tune” ever since KNK started teasing us with photos last week and now that it’s here… Well, I’m still not sure the fangirl in me has calmed down enough to attempt to write about “Back Again” but I’m gonna give it a shot anyway. We’ll see how this goes… (continue reading…)

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Since I have all these wonderful photos from SHINee’s fanmeet in Chicago, I figured I’d share them all with you. If you follow me on any of my social media sites, you’ve already seen these but for those of you who don’t and/or haven’t seen them yet, here they are. I hope you enjoy them! (continue reading…)

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I know it seems kinda silly to be writing about a fanmeet that took place almost a month ago but couldn’t let this evening with SHINee go by without saying something. It was one of those evenings that seems almost too amazing to be real and well, I’m kinda writing this more as proof to myself that the evening actually happened, than anything else. (continue reading…)

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