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Last week brought with it the end of the Taiwanese drama Fall in Love With Me and though I wrote a weekly review of the entire thing, I needed a week off to 1) catch up because I was woefully behind on all my drama reviews (thanks to my little adventure in L.A.) and 2) give myself some time to cool off before I sat down to write an overall review of this rather painful drama. (continue reading…)

Radio 1

As always, I’m here to wrap up this week’s K-Pop fun with a collection of recently released music videos. From SuJu to CNBLUE, this week had it all, which makes me wonder… Which was your favorite? (continue reading…)

Radio 5

CNBLUE has done it again, releasing yet another Japanese single so amazing, I had no choice but to make it my “Tune of the Week”. (continue reading…)


Like many of you, I’ve been squeeing over the pictures and teasers of The Three Musketeers for what feels like ages now, so it only makes sense that now that I’ve finally found a place to watch this highly anticipated drama, I’d have to take this one on as my next to review. Because really, how could I not? It stars Jung Yong Hwa and I’m pretty sure that by now, you all know how I feel about him! (continue reading…)

wedding 2

Well my friends, believe it or not, we’ve made it to the end of Fall in Love With Me and all I can say is, “THANK GOODNESS!” This drama has been one of the most ridiculous and irritating dramas I’ve watched in a long time and I’m so happy it’s over, I literally did the dance of the joy at its conclusion. (OUR SUFFERING HAS FINALLY ENDED! HOORAY! Oops, did I say that out loud?) (continue reading…)

stupid wedding

Typically when we come to the next to the last episode in a drama, things tend to fall spectacularly to pieces but we’re usually left with at least a small glimmer of hope that things will get better before the end but that is so not the case with Fall in Love With Me and to be perfectly honest, I don’t really care how this drama ends, as long as it ends! SOON! (There’s only so much crazy a zombie can take, you know?) (continue reading…)

don't trust me

Oh my goodness! The amount of ridiculous nonsense going on in this episode of Fall in Love With Me is so beyond unbelievable that I’m not really sure how to handle it all. From miserably poor plots to absurd family drama, this show has completely fallen off the deep end and I’m left wondering whether or not I even care how it all turns out in the end. (continue reading…)


I have no idea how many of you have been watching Defconn and Hyungdon’s latest reality show, Hitmaker but even if you haven’t taken the time you watch the show, you should still be able to appreciate the hilarity of their latest creation. (continue reading…)


title 2

I know that Y.Bird’s LYn x LEO collaboration was released a couple of weeks ago but I didn’t have time to squee over it at the time because I was too Leo 2busy getting ready to leave for L.A. and honestly, I was too full of feels to even begin to talk about this amazing video without melting into a giant puddle of fangirl goo. Even now, weeks later, I’m still not sure I can actually handle this song but I’ve gotta try! The fangirl in me has been dying to squee over Leo in this video for weeks! (continue reading…)


After a much longer break than I intended to take (and I’m totally blaming KCON for that), I’m finally back with another drama edition of “Friday Night Drama” and this week, I’ve got one doozy of a drama for you, so I hope you’re ready! (continue reading…)

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