Friday Night Drama: Answer Me 1997

If, like me, you’re finding that the days standing between you and the latest episode of Answer Me 1994 seem to drag on for an eternity, I have a simple and entertaining solution for you…fill those endless days with episodes of the show that spawned Answer Me 1994, its equally hilarious and entertaining precursor, AnswerRead More


VIXX is back and darker than ever in their latest single, “Voodoo Doll.” A hauntingly addictive tune showcasing VIXX’s incredible knack for combining both the poppy and the macabre, “Voodoo Doll” is impossible to ignore, which is why I had to give them this week’s music spotlight. Written from the perspective of a voodoo doll in love with a girl bentRead More

FRIDAY NIGHT DRAMA: Flower Boy Next Door

To keep my recent flower boy theme going, this Friday’s drama is the adorable Flower Boy Next Door. Starring Park Shin Hye and Yoon Si Yoon, Flower Boy Next Door is the story of a shy freelance copy editor, Go Dok Mi, who spends her days locked in her tiny apartment, staring out her window at the world passing aroundRead More

FRIDAY NIGHT DRAMA: Flower Boy Ramen Shop

We all know Friday nights are the perfect time to start a weekend-long drama marathon which is why I’ll be here each and every week, to supply you with all of your weekend marathoning needs. To continue with the flower boy theme from my last post, I’ve chosen Flower Boy Ramen Shop for this week’s drama.Read More

Fantastically Foreign Friday Vol. 5

On this (relatively) quiet, cloudy and very fall-ish Friday afternoon, I decided to forgo doing the dishes and actually write a F3 post on Friday *novel idea, I know!* and since I did promise to introduce you to my second favorite J-Rock band and the Granddaddy of all K-Drama’s I better get at it! This week’s featured artist isRead More