HALLYU ZOMBIE DRAMA REVIEW: Emergency Couple Episodes 1-2 (4/4)

Zombie: So it seems we’re all in agreement that the first episode of Emergency Couple wasn’t nearly as awesome as maybe we were all hoping it would be. Maybe it’s because we’re all married that we don’t find a hugely gianormous fight between our OTP all that funny; especially when said fight brings about theRead More

HALLYU ZOMBIE DRAMA REVIEW: Emergency Couple Episodes 1-2 (3/4)

Welcome to the Emergency Couple review with Zombie Mamma, Tanya, and Karen. My name is Karen and for the next ten weeks, my partners and I will be sharing our thoughts on the newest episodes of Emergency Couple. Our thoughts will be simultaneously and exclusively posted on each of our blogs: Zombie Mamma, Hallyu Know?, and Wehaiyo! You can find our latestRead More

HALLYU ZOMBIE DRAMA REVIEW: Emergency Couple Episodes 1-2 (1/4)

Hey everyone! Hallyu Zombie’s drama review is back and this time we’ve asked our fellow DramaFever Drama Clubber, Karen (aka Powerz) to help us recap TvN’s latest medical rom-com, Emergency Couple. Woo-hoo! Much like we do for DramaFever, Tanya, Karen and I will be spending the next ten weeks sharing with you all of our thoughtsRead More


If you’ve watched K-dramas for any length of time, you’re no stranger to the strange spell the leading men are capable of casting. However, you may not be aware that drama men aren’t the only ones capable of entrancing you with their charming voodoo. Here are four leading anime men whose spells are so powerfulRead More