The Zebussie Drama Review: Iron Man Episodes 5-6 (2/2)

Drama Debussie: I’ve officially started calling Wednesdays and Thursdays Iron Man Days. That’s a good sign, right?  Zombie: I’m pretty sure that’s a VERY good sign! I swear this drama gets better with every episode!  Drama Debussie: Granted, I feel like a lot was being thrown at us this week, but it’s not the firstRead More

HALLYU ZOMBIE DRAMA REVIEW: My Lovable Girl Episodes 1-2

Hey everyone! Hallyu Tanya and I are back with a brand new video drama review for you (hooray!) Being the fangirls that we are, we couldn’t help but review My Lovable Girl, because who doesn’t want to watch a drama starring Rain, Krystal Jung and INFINITE’s Hoya and L? So without further ado, I invite you toRead More