ZOMBIE’S DRAMA REVIEW: The Three Musketeers Episode 11

Oh my goodness gracious me! This week’s episode of The Three Musketeers had me laughing and crying and yelling and cursing and cheering and whooping for joy and even now that it’s over, I’m still stomping around my room in a desperate attempt to deal with so many feels! (Okay, so now I’m sitting but two secondsRead More

The Zebussie Drama Review: Iron Man Episodes 12-13 (2/2)

Drama Debussie: Welcome to another week of Iron Man! Seeing that Halloween is fast approaching, I’ve been seriously considering dressing up as Iron/Blade WOman. Wanna be my Secretary Ko? You would be more than a sidekick. I mean, he’s been the REAL hero during the run of this series, quiet as it may be kept.Read More