BTS is  back and OH HOLY FLIP! I’m just… I’m…. (pardon me, I need a moment) *picks herself up off the floor and takes a deep breath* Sorry about that! My feels have decided I no longer need my brain (or air). Needless to say, I’m more than a little excited about this most highlyRead More

FRIDAY NIGHT DRAMA: Shining Inheritance

Believe it or not, I’m finally off my mini-drama kick and I’m back to talk about a full-length, melodrama-filled, tear-jerker of a family/romance drama that’ll not only hit you in the feels, but make you insanely hungry for seolleongtang. (Seriously, I’ve been trying to master the art of making this soup ever since!)

ZOMBIE’S DRAMA REVIEW: Sensory Couple Episodes 5-6

This week’s episodes of Sensory Couple were just… Wow. In two episodes all my theories, guesses and expectations have been simultaneously proven and crushed and all I can do is sit here stunned while I try to process everything that’s happened. Needless to say, we’ve got some things to talk about this week so let’s get toRead More