ZOMBIE’S DRAMA REVIEW: Mask Episodes 9-10

We’ve reached the half-way point in this drama and things are just as complicated as ever as plans, plans of plans and plans within plans begin to take shape, unfold and unravel. Of course you know what that means, don’t you? It means we’ve got lots to talk about so let’s get to it!


This past weekend brought with it the end of a rather quirky and quite hilarious drama and since I haven’t written one of these “you have to go watch it right now” posts in a while, I thought I’d try to get back in the habit starting with Producer.


I have no doubt you all saw this one coming a mile away but c’mon! Can you blame me? BTS spent a flippin’ week building up all my hopes and expectations as I waited for the release of this music video and now that it’s here… ASDFGHJKL! SEE??? I’m so freaking excited about this videoRead More

ZOMBIE’S DRAMA REVIEW: Producer Episodes 11-12

I can’t believe we’ve come to the end of this rather quirky and adorable drama but we have. It’s been an interesting run, full of unique, interesting and ultimately, lovable characters and I’ve enjoyed the time I’ve spent watching this one, particularly in the moments when Seung Chan made me squee over his cuteness. ButRead More


As I’m sure pretty much everyone in the world knows, 2PM made their long-awaited comeback earlier this week and OH MY GIDDY FLIPPING AUNT! I’m so in love with their title track, “My House”, that there’s no way I could pass this up as my Tune of the Week.

ZOMBIE’S DRAMA REVIEW: Mask Episodes 5-6

The drama continues in this week’s episodes of Mask and I’m every bit as hooked as I was in the beginning. There’s just something about this insane drama that leaves me begging for more. A someone I was talking to earlier this week said, it’s like melodrama crack and I’m a total addict.