When You’re Sick On A Friday Night

Okay, so really when you’re sick on a Friday night, curling up to marathon a drama sounds like a great idea until you fall asleep half-way through an episode and wake up 10 episodes later. It’s always frustrating when that happens which is why I put off watching new dramas when I’m sick. Instead of risking missingRead More

K-POP ONE-STOP: October 23-30, 2015

Hip Hip Hooray! It’s finally Friday! And while I’m not dancing on the rooftops today to celebrate (because dancing on the roof when you have cold is very dangerous… Stuffy head + loss of equilibrium = death) I’m still happy in my own subdued way. (Celebrating by staying in bed all day counts as celebrating,Read More

TUNE OF THE WEEK: N.Flying “Lonely”

Ever since the first teasers for N.Flying’s comeback were released, I’ve been in a constant state of nervous excitement. Now that they’ve made their official comeback, I’m not sure if my tears are an overwhelming rush of joy at them promoting again or because this song is so flipping beautiful it makes my heart hurt.Read More


You know, when it was suggested I watch We Broke Up I thought to myself, “Sure! Why not? I’ll give it a try!” So I did, going into it knowing nothing more about it than that it starred 2NE1’s Dara. Honestly, that was enough of a reason for me to give this drama a go soRead More