K-POP ONE-STOP: October 22-28, 2016

I think October may be my favorite month. Not only does it bring with it all the wonderful, warm-fuzzy inducing goodness of fall but it also brings an overwhelming number of K-Pop releases. Despite the fact the month is almost over, the music hasn’t slowed down in the least; which means I’ve got another playlistRead More

Which October Comeback Was The Best? [Poll]

You know, it’s really hard for me to sit down at the end of a month and decide which album it is that I love them most. Especially when that month has been crammed full of the most amazing comebacks! Trying to decide which album I love the most is like trying to decide which drink toRead More

TUESDAY’S TEASE: EXO’s First Sub-Unit, Mermaids and the Whispered Promise of a BIGBANG Comeback

Tuesdays have suddenly become a favorite of mine, mostly because I get to sit here and squee over all of the upcoming K-Dramas and K-Pop comebacks I’m most looking forward to. It’s really a very exciting thing, scouring the internet for all of the goodies that come with comebacks and drama premiers, especially when you comeRead More

Drama Ramblings with Zombie Mamma – Episode 4: A Chat With Young Ajummah

This week my very good friend, Sara (aka Young Ajummah), was kind enough to join me in my drama ramblings. Together we talked our way through our favorite actors dramas and drama tropes as well as the dramas and tropes we just can’t stand. We also took a quick detour to talk about Gong YooRead More

#TBT: BIGBANG “Fantastic Baby”

It’s been over a year since BIGBANG last released their M, A, D, E EPs and that whole promise of a full-length MADE album has yet to be fulfilled. However, after reading yesterday that the group has not only just wrapped up filming for a brand new music video, but also have plans to film another video at the beginningRead More