Rainy Zombie Chat: Goblin Episodes 7-8

Raine: Where in the world do we start after those PACKED episodes? There is so much to talk about I feel like I could write a novel. Consequences of curses and love, the past becoming clearer, even more delicious bromance. Plus this is shot so beautifully…my poor heart is going to burst. Zombie: I reallyRead More

Rainy Zombie Chat: Goblin Episodes 5-6

Zombie: Sooo… That was an interesting way to leave us hanging… The kiss was nothing special but the inability to draw the sword was a bit surprising. I guess you knew it wasn’t going to be easy but still… I didn’t expect her to not even be able to grab the thing. Raine: Random coldRead More

Rainy Zombie Chat: Goblin Episodes 3-4

Zombie: So it seems we’ve kinda settled into things a bit. The initial, “hook you with all kinds of crazy suspense” has passed and now we get down to the business of getting a Goblin and his Bride together. You’d think this would be an easy task, seeing as how Eun Tak confessed her loveRead More

Rainy Zombie Chat: Goblin Episodes 1 and 2

Raine: Earlier this week Zombie Mamma asked me if I wanted to review tvN’s newest Friday/Saturday 16-episode drama with her, Goblin. I hadn’t started it yet and I didn’t really intend to because while Kim Eun Sook really is a K-drama viewer’s favorite writer, she’s not really loved by critics – i.e. me. But thenRead More

K-POP ONE-STOP: December 3-9, 2016

  You know, nothing helps fight off a cold better than a playlist full of brand new music. Okay, so maybe chicken soup and vitamin C might be a little more practical for cold-fighting but the music helps make all those miserable hours, lying on the couch, imagining the death of the evil soul gave you thisRead More

ZOMBIE’S DRAMA REVIEW: Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo – Episodes 3-4

I’m happy to say that after watching these next two episodes, I’m just as much in love with this drama as I was after watching the first two. There’s just something about this drama, the way it’s written and the way the characters are portrayed, that makes it all so very relate-able. It’s makes the wholeRead More

TUESDAY’S TEASE: BIGBANG, Jonghyun and A Whole Lot of Hopeless Fangirling

With the end of the year fast approaching, the number of K-Pop and K-Drama releases is definitely dwindling, which makes it a bit difficult to write about all the things we have to look forward to in the coming weeks because well… There’s just not that much to write about. Or is there?

ZOMBIE’S DRAMA REVIEW: Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo Episodes 1-2

It feels like ages since I last sat down to write an actual week-by-week drama review, and for good reason. After writing my way through so many painful dramas in a row, I just couldn’t bring myself to endure anymore. So I didn’t. After Please Come Back Mister ended back in April, I completely quite writingRead More