Zombie’s Top 10 Moments of the 2017 BTS Live Trilogy Episode III: The Wings Tour in Chicago

Last night, BTS took the stage of the Allstate Arena, here in Chicago. Performing in front of an entirely sold-out arena, BTS delighted fans from around the world, with a 2+ hour performance that will undoubtedly live on in the memories of those in attendance for years to come.

My Current Obsession: B1A4’s “Good Timing”

Between all the K-Pop groups I squee over and all the dramas I watch, it might seem impossible for me to have time to obsess over any one thing. However, being the multi-tasking zombie that I am, I find that no matter how many things I’ve got going on, there’s always time to squeeze in a littleRead More

TUESDAY’S TEASE aka What Makes A Zombie So Excited She Forgets To Title Her Post

This past week’s K-Pop teasing and subsequent comebacks have me in a fine sort of fangirl fit. Between GOT7’s comeback (Oh! Don’t even get me started!) and Monsta X’s week-long barrage of photos and CNBLUE’s sudden jump back into the comeback arena, I can barely breathe!