Believe it or not, I like to write more than fangirl crazed posts about all things Hallyu; in fact, one of my dreams is to become a published author of YA fiction. Unfortunately, some dreams are a bit more difficult to turn into reality than others and though I haven’t given up on my dream, I’ve come to realize that sometimes you just have to go about things in unexpected ways in the hopes that eventually, you’ll end up making your dream come true. For me, this means finding a way to get my stories into the hands of as many readers as possible without having to worry about finding a literary agent and/or publisher. (Though, to be honest, I’d love to have both some day.) Lucky for me, I have this whole website to myself and since I can post whatever it is my heart feels like sharing, I’ve decided to put one of my novels up, just for the heck of it. Is this a good idea? I honestly don’t know. But sometimes you just won’t know how something works out until you try it so…

Without any further ado, I offer, for your reading enjoyment, my light-hearted, teenage romantic comedy, entitled: If High School Doesn’t Kill You…

Chapter One: It Started With A Crush

Chapter Two: My Last First Day

Chapter Three: No Stinking Way!

Chapter Four: Ah, Weekends

Chapter Five: I Think I’d Rather Be Dead

Chapter Six: That’s What Friends Are For

Chapter Seven: Better and Better

Chapter Eight: Seriously?

Chapter Nine: Pajamas, Looks and Schemes

Chapter Ten: Complications… Of Course!

Chapter Eleven: The Best Laid Plans

Chapter Twelve: Talk About Intimidating!

Chapter Thirteen: If You Wanted Me To Die, Why Not Use A Gun?

Chapter Fourteen: Time to Think and Plan

Chapter Fifteen: My Conscience Must Hate Me

Chapter Sixteen: Heads Up!

Chapter Seventeen: Examination Is Really Just Another Word For Torture

Chapter Eighteen: You’ve Got To Be Kidding Me

Chapter Nineteen: It Never Stays Quiet For Long

Chapter Twenty: Egos and Alter-Egos

Chapter Twenty-One: Whoa!

Chapter Twenty-Two: Dreams and Reality

Chapter Twenty-Three: In The Lion’s Den

Chapter Twenty-Four: The Truth Comes Out

Chapter Twenty-Five: Why Me?

Chapter Twenty-Six:  Back to Work

Chapter Twenty-Seven: Dances Can Be Dangerous

Chapter Twenty-Eight: Chemistry Is More Than Science

Chapter Twenty-Nine: Confessions

Chapter Thirty: Fish Sticks and Thunderstorms

Chapter Thirty-One: It Ends With A…

Epilogue: Just In Case You Were Wondering

9 thoughts on “A Novel Idea

  1. You know, I have the same exact idea~ I would love to write YA fiction too. I have so many story sketches (my outlined ideas…some movies, some dramas, and I am currently forever working on a Boys Over Flowers fan fiction story. Let’s have faith in each other to continue what we love!

    1. I know exactly what you mean, having so many ideas and story outlines I can hardly keep up with them all! I have no doubt you can make your writing dreams come true so I’ll cheer you on, you can cheer me on, and together we can make our dreams come true. FIGHTING! (Oh, and I’d love to read your BOF fan fiction someday; especially if it involves Ji Hoo finding a girl. The fact that he was left alone breaks my heart to this day!)

  2. I’m also working on a novel! It is based on K-drama 🙂 When I have a free moment I’ll be back to read! I’ve bookmarked the page. If you’re interested my novel can be found on my blog under the Heart Murmurs tab.
    I’ll be back to read this! Don’t you worry!

        1. Oh wow! Thank you! (I’m always shocked when someone says they actually want to read something I’ve written. Ironic, isn’t it?) I’d love to hear what you think of them when you’re done… It’s okay to be brutally honest about it too. I can take it! lol 🙂

          1. Oh I totally want to read! I had planned a lot more reading time this weekend but things sort of got out of hand and I didn’t get the time I wanted. However, I also have Monday off and I will read at least a chapter or two! I am dedicated to this!

            I’m terrible at editing or the like, but I promise I will be very honest in my review! The same goes for you, if you get a chance to read my story please tell me what you honestly think!

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