Maggie and Cade managed to work things out.  Turns out once Cade realized Maggie was actually madly in love with him, he was more than willing to forgive both her and Ian, much to Ian’s relief.

The six of us, Maggie, Cade, Yuuki, Jack, Ian and I all ended up going to prom together, much to everyone’s surprise.  The school was in quite an uproar when they found out about Ian and me, apparently they just couldn’t get enough of the crazy girl and the boy she caught with her crazy love note.  Oh the joys of high school.

After graduation, the six of us spent every free moment together, each of us determined to make the most of the last summer we would have together.  Of course, we all found time to be apart too, or at least paired off.  Maggie and Cade usually spent their time at the movies, watching the latest gross-out film while they downed gummy bears, popcorn and Cherry Coke. Yuuki and Jack spent a lot of their time at Stan’s, downing enormous banana splits and then walking it off on the nearby trails.  As for Ian and I, well, Ian managed to get me back onto a soccer field, where he insisted on teaching me the basics of the game.  I’m still not very good, but at least I can dodge a ball whenever it flies at my face.

When fall rolled around we all said our tearful good-byes and went our separate ways.  Yuuki was the first to leave, her parents drove her to Harvard themselves and still managed to get back before their own classes started.  I guess awesomeness just runs in those genes.  Jack was pretty sad when Yuuki left but a week later he was on the east coast himself, the newest addition to NYU’s performing arts program.  Maggie was the next to leave, her entire family driving her to Connecticut in a little mini-van.  I did not envy her that trip.  Cade set off for UCLA a day later, vowing to find a way to be with Maggie before the start of the spring semester.  Ian and I both ended up at Denver, though neither of us qualified for the scholarship.  Apparently playing an original piece disqualified Ian and a true child prodigy, a twelve-year-old girl from Colorado Springs, ended up with it.  Figures!

Maggie and Cade ended up going their separate ways by the middle of our freshman year, though no one was really surprised.  They were too much alike to last long.  Last I heard, Cade was starring in commercials for dental floss and hemorrhoid cream and dating some girl from Fresno while Maggie was engaged to some business tycoon from Boston.

Jack and Yuuki ended up dating all through their college years and are now happily married.  Yuuki’s almost finished with her PhD and Jack is currently starring in an off-Broadway play.

As for Ian and I, well things have managed to work out pretty well. Ian got his wish to play for both the Pioneers and the Rapids, where he’s been playing ever since.  He’s not quite as famous as David Beckham, but he’s pretty dang close and way hotter!

I got my wish to become a published artist.  My first comic series, The Misadventures of a High School Senior, was published a year after graduating high school and met with huge success, much to my surprise.  I finished that series about two years later and have gone on to write three more.

After apologizing for being a total jerk, Ian admitted that he’d been in love with me for a very long time, almost as long as I’d been in love with him, he’d just been too afraid to admit it, to himself or anyone else.  He also admitted to kissing me the day I gave him the chocolates but I didn’t need his admission to know the truth on that one.  The kiss he gave after reading my book was proof enough of that.

We were married right out of college and I have to say, every day I spend with him is the new best day of my life.  I still get butterflies when I’m near him and his kisses still leave me weak in the knees.  It might have taken us a while to get together, but I wouldn’t trade any of those moments for the world because they brought me Ian and you just can’t ask for anything better than that.

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