missienellyAnnyeong! *waves hands*  I’m missienelly. You can call me missie or you can call me Nelly. But please, don’t call me ahjumma… I’m not that old! I reside in the Capital (DC) of the US of A. I’m an amateur blogger for MyMyooz, a global traveler (mostly for work), a lazy housewife to a perfectionist vegan restaurateur husband, and a mother to a handsome boy. I’m also addicted to social media especially with Twitter and Tumblr. I watch mostly Korean dramas but recently have ventured back to Japanese and Taiwanese dramas.  I’m also into KPop and I listen to it religiously. Even though my kpop knowledge is very limited, please don’t exclude me. Lastly, I’m super psyched to be part of Zombie Mamma crew for her newest segment, KeopiTalk.  Please find me fangirling, squeeing and maybe, bashing the latest KPop songs with ZombieMamma and KpopKolorado. Hey, don’t hate me… I’m just being honest *winks*.  Until then… aja aja!

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