ZOMBIE’S DRAMA REVIEW: Hospital Ship Episodes 9-12

I don’t know how all of you fared, during these next 4 episodes, but I found myself crying more times than I can count! Between the developing back-story and the whole thing with Teacher Seol, I shed more than my fair share of tears. But then they had to go and throw in that endingRead More

Tickets for DAY6 LIVE & MEET IN NORTH AMERICA 2017 on Sale This Saturday!

DAY6 is preparing to embark on their DAY6 LIVE & MEET IN NORTH AMERICA 2017, which means it’s time for you to start preparing for Ticket Sales Day! I know, I know. We don’t like to talk about how stressful it is, buying tickets, but if you start mentally preparing now, maybe it won’t be soRead More

ZOMBIE’S DRAMA REVIEW: Hospital Ship Episodes 5-8

It makes me incredibly happy to say that these next 4 episodes of Hospital Ship were much more focused on character and plot development than they were on major medical crises and overly disgusting surgeries. That’s not to say there weren’t some of both (because there was), rather the hyped-up moments of drama took a backseatRead More

SubKulture Entertainment Announces BewhY First US Tour “The Blind Star”

I can’t believe I’m actually saying this but last night SubKulture Entertainment announced another tour coming this fall, bringing their grand total up to 4! That’s right, FOUR. As in be still my heart, might have to sell my kidney, take all my money, gonna be broke for the rest of forever but I’m gonna have fun onRead More

ZOMBIE’S DRAMA REVIEW: Hospital Ship Episodes 1-4

Okay, first off, it’s really weird to be writing a review with “Episodes 1-4” in the title. No matter how hard I try, I just can’t get used to the whole 4 episodes a week thing. I know why they’ve moved to this format and by now, you’d think I’d be used to it butRead More