VIXX Joins KCON 2017 LA Line-Up

Last night, KCON USA presented by Toyota, the world’s largest Korean culture convention and music festival, announced the addition of VIXX to its star-studded two-day concert lineup. And yes, I’m still squealing my head off! Seriously, I feel like I’ve won the fangirl lottery or something! I mean how can one fangirl be lucky enoughRead More

ASTRO and NCT 127 Join KCON 2017 LA Line-up

Shhh! Quiet! Do you hear it? Listen very carefully. It may be difficult for you to hear at first but if you close your eyes and concentrate, you’ll hear it. Can you hear it now? That high-pitched squeal of utter fangirl delight??? Yeah… That’s me… Squealing myself silly as my wildly dancing fangirl heart triesRead More

SF9 and Girl’s Day Announced as First Two Artists For KCON 2017 LA

The world’s largest Korean culture convention and music festival, KCON USA, presented by Toyota, has recently started making artist announcements for KCON 2017 LA and wouldn’t you know it, I’m already freaking excited about this year’s event! Both SF9 and GIRL’S DAY were recently announced as the first two artists to join the Los AngelesRead More

TUESDAY’S TEASE: Concerts Galore!

I know I usually talk about all the latest K-Pop comebacks and upcoming dramas on Tuesdays but today I woke up to G-Dragon’s world tour announcement and I’m just so freaking excited, I can barely think about anything else! With concerts on the brain, I thought it only fitting to take a look at allRead More

HIGHLIGHT and SF9 To Join KCON 2017 NY Lineup

  K… (eeep!) KCO… (eeek!) No. Wait. I need a moment… (AAAAAUUUUUUGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!) Okay, I’m good now… (I think.) Let me see if I can’t try this again… *breathes deeply* KCON USA announced just yesterday that both Highlight and SF9 will be joining the concert lineup for the New York edition of KCON 2017 USA andRead More

KCON USA Announces First Two Artists to Join the KCON 2017 NY Lineup

With KCON Mexico successfully wrapped up, it’s time for Hallyu fans here in North America to turn our attention towards KCON USA’s New York and Los Angeles conventions. As the world’s largest Korean culture convention and music festival, gears up for the New York edition of the festivities, the first two artist lineup announcements have recentlyRead More