KCON 2017: Zombie’s Adventures in NY – Days 3-4

Once again, my inability to schedule a flight that didn’t leave at an ungodly hour made my last day in New York span 2 but that’s okay. Having run myself into complete exhaustion on Friday, I had no problem sleeping until 8 Saturday morning which meant I was more than ready to take on theRead More

Tater Tot Music Talk: Monsta X x Millic

About a month ago, my amazing friend Young Ajummah and I were wandering around KCON NY, talking about this and that and as we were wandering around the Prudential Center in the sweltering heat, an idea came to us. We both realized that while we both shared a passion for Korean music, we had bothRead More

KCON 2017: Zombie’s Adventures in NY – Day 1

While I spent a lot of time debating as to whether I wanted to chronicle all of my KCON-related adventures this year, I decided that doing so has become a sort of tradition, so skipping out on it this year just seemed kinda sad. (Especially once people starting telling me how much they were lookingRead More

My Current Obsession: B1A4’s “Good Timing”

Between all the K-Pop groups I squee over and all the dramas I watch, it might seem impossible for me to have time to obsess over any one thing. However, being the multi-tasking zombie that I am, I find that no matter how many things I’ve got going on, there’s always time to squeeze in a littleRead More

14 Days of Fangirling-Days 13-14: Bias Wreckers and Favorite Drama Moments

I don’t know why, but the topics for these last two days of fangirling make me laugh so much but they do. I think it might have something to do with the fact that they’re forcing me to own up to just how fangirly I am, but who knows? It’s not like my fangirly sideRead More

14 Days of Fangirling – Days 11-12: Favorite Fashions and Back Hugs

I’m not really sure where the ladies over at Dramas With a Side of Kimchi got all of their ideas for these 14 days of fangirling but they’re a whole lot of fun to write about, mostly because they’re giving me a chance to talk about things I wouldn’t normally mention. Things like fashion and travelRead More

14 Days of Fangirling – Days 9 & 10: Second Leads and Workout Tunes

I’m really glad the awesome ladies over at Dramas with a Side of Kimchi decided to do this 14 Days of Fangirling because I’m having a whole lot of fun with this! Today’s fangirling asks which actors seem forever destined to play second leads and which K-Pop tracks top my workout playlist. Are you ready for this? ThenRead More

14 Days of Fangirling – Days 7 & 8: Drama Destinations and Favorite Tropes

In my continuing efforts to keep up with Dramas with a Side of Kimchi’s 14 Days of Fangirling, I shall attempt to do the impossible. That is, I shall attempt to name the one place I want to visit, simply because I saw it in a drama and the one drama trope I love most. Let’s seeRead More