KCON 2017: Zombie’s Adventures in NY – Days 3-4

Once again, my inability to schedule a flight that didn’t leave at an ungodly hour made my last day in New York span 2 but that’s okay. Having run myself into complete exhaustion on Friday, I had no problem sleeping until 8 Saturday morning which meant I was more than ready to take on theRead More

Kevin Woo, Kim Tae Woo and Sam Okyere to Make Special Guest Appearances at KCON 2017 LA

Because KCON 2017 LA isn’t already going to be awesome enough, the world’s largest Korean culture convention and music festival, presented by Toyota, recently announced that Kim Tae Woo, Sam Okyere and Kevin Woo would all be making special guest appearances over the course of the three-day event, which takes place at the Los AngelesRead More

KCON 2017: Zombie’s Adventures in NY – Day 1

While I spent a lot of time debating as to whether I wanted to chronicle all of my KCON-related adventures this year, I decided that doing so has become a sort of tradition, so skipping out on it this year just seemed kinda sad. (Especially once people starting telling me how much they were lookingRead More