K-POP ONE-STOP: October 7-13, 2017

I know I’m a few days late with this latest playlist but OH MY GRACIOUS! Last week was one of those weeks when Mom Life takes over absolutely EVERYTHING and well, to be perfectly honest, I’m just happy I made it through without having a total meltdown! To celebrate the return of my somewhat normalRead More

Ticket Infor for BewhY First US Tour “The Blind Star” is Here!

It seems like just yesterday I was squealing over the fact that BewhY was coming to the States for his first U.S. Tour. At the time, I had no idea which cities he’d be visiting or when tickets went on sale, but it didn’t matter. All I needed to know was that BewhY was headedRead More

SubKulture Entertainment Releases Venues and Ticket Pricing for 2017 SF9 BE MY FANTASY IN USA

It’s been a little over 2 weeks since SubKulture Entertainment first announced they’d joined hands with FNC to bring U.S. Fantasies a chance to spend an evening with their beloved SF9. Now that the shock of such amazing news has worn off, it’s time to start making plans to be a part of this unforgettableRead More

SubKulture Entertainment Announces BewhY First US Tour “The Blind Star”

I can’t believe I’m actually saying this but last night SubKulture Entertainment announced another tour coming this fall, bringing their grand total up to 4! That’s right, FOUR. As in be still my heart, might have to sell my kidney, take all my money, gonna be broke for the rest of forever but I’m gonna have fun onRead More