Ticket Infor for BewhY First US Tour “The Blind Star” is Here!

It seems like just yesterday I was squealing over the fact that BewhY was coming to the States for his first U.S. Tour. At the time, I had no idea which cities he’d be visiting or when tickets went on sale, but it didn’t matter. All I needed to know was that BewhY was headedRead More

SubKulture Entertainment Releases Venues and Ticket Pricing for 2017 SF9 BE MY FANTASY IN USA

It’s been a little over 2 weeks since SubKulture Entertainment first announced they’d joined hands with FNC to bring U.S. Fantasies a chance to spend an evening with their beloved SF9. Now that the shock of such amazing news has worn off, it’s time to start making plans to be a part of this unforgettableRead More

Tickets for DAY6 LIVE & MEET IN NORTH AMERICA 2017 on Sale This Saturday!

DAY6 is preparing to embark on their DAY6 LIVE & MEET IN NORTH AMERICA 2017, which means it’s time for you to start preparing for Ticket Sales Day! I know, I know. We don’t like to talk about how stressful it is, buying tickets, but if you start mentally preparing now, maybe it won’t be soRead More

SubKulture Entertainment Announces BewhY First US Tour “The Blind Star”

I can’t believe I’m actually saying this but last night SubKulture Entertainment announced another tour coming this fall, bringing their grand total up to 4! That’s right, FOUR. As in be still my heart, might have to sell my kidney, take all my money, gonna be broke for the rest of forever but I’m gonna have fun onRead More

Ticket Info for DAY6 LIVE & MEET IN NORTH AMERICA 2017

When SubKulture Entertainment first announced they’d be bringing us DAY6 LIVE & MEET IN NORTH AMERICA 2017, I promised I’d keep you updated on all the happenings related to this ridiculously exciting tour, so I’m back to make good on that promise with all the ticket info you’ll need to make your dream of seeingRead More

SubKulture Entertainment Announces DAY6 LIVE & MEET IN NORTH AMERICA 2017 Tour

I’m sure that by now, all of you have heard that JYP Entertainment’s one and only rock band will be making their way across North America later this fall. But on the off-chance that you have’t heard the news just yet, allow me to join you in a much-needed moment of over-excited squealing because OHRead More

Kevin Woo, Kim Tae Woo and Sam Okyere to Make Special Guest Appearances at KCON 2017 LA

Because KCON 2017 LA isn’t already going to be awesome enough, the world’s largest Korean culture convention and music festival, presented by Toyota, recently announced that Kim Tae Woo, Sam Okyere and Kevin Woo would all be making special guest appearances over the course of the three-day event, which takes place at the Los AngelesRead More