The Zebussie Drama Review: Iron Man Episodes 17-18 (2/2)

Zombie: Well my friends, we’ve come to the end of this rather interesting drama and I have to say, I’m having trouble accepting our final two episodes. I guess things were wrapped up but they weren’t wrapped very neatly. Kinda reminds me of a two-year-old wrapping a Christmas present… The essentials may have been coveredRead More

The Zebussie Drama Review: Iron Man Episode 16

Drama Debussie: Another week, another preempted episode. The dramaverse loves doing this to us, doesn’t it? I guess one episode is better than no episode. Especially when it finally starts to explore the things we’ve been waiting so desperately to explore. For example, someone finally asks the question of the century. WHAT THE HELL DOESRead More

The Zebussie Drama Review: Iron Man Episodes 14-15 (1/2)

We’re slowly approaching the end of Iron Man (two more weeks *sniffs*) and as much as I love to criticize the characters (especially the ones that are justified in receiving it), I think we’ve officially been introduced to the character that could possibly deserve the most criticism, Tae Hee. She’s back and my fellow dramatics are sharpeningRead More

The Zebussie Drama Review: Iron Man Episodes 12-13 (2/2)

Drama Debussie: Welcome to another week of Iron Man! Seeing that Halloween is fast approaching, I’ve been seriously considering dressing up as Iron/Blade WOman. Wanna be my Secretary Ko? You would be more than a sidekick. I mean, he’s been the REAL hero during the run of this series, quiet as it may be kept.Read More

The Zebussie Drama Review: Iron Man Episodes 10-11 (1/2)

In my never ending attempt to be honest while living this drama lifestyle, I’ll start with the obvious in that this week’s episodes were a little off-kilter but when is this show ever not been off-kilter? Nevertheless, it still managed to be beautifully executed. Seems that Wookie’s real life vocal rest forced the show toRead More