The amazing Mama B over at K-Pop Mamas and I have decided to branch out a little and try our hand at hosting a monthly drama live chat. In this first installment, we decided to talk about My Secret Romance, Strong Woman Do Bong Soon and Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People. Of course that doesn’t mean theRead More

Drama Ramblings with Zombie Mamma – Episode 6: Mermaids, Goblins and Squeals of Fangirl Delight

I know it’s been a couple of weeks since I last recorded one of these but that’s what happen when life decides to smack you upside the head. I’m doing my best to keep up with all of the general insanity that takes over this time of year but there are only so many hoursRead More

Drama Ramblings with Zombie Mamma – Episode 5: Chatting With Drama Debussie

This week my most awesome and amazing friend, India (aka Drama Debussie) joins me for another episode of Drama Ramblings. Being the seasoned drama watchers that we are, we had more than enough to ramble on about and had a marvelous time in the process. Care to join us? As I’m sure you could tell, India andRead More

Drama Ramblings with Zombie Mamma – Episode 4: A Chat With Young Ajummah

This week my very good friend, Sara (aka Young Ajummah), was kind enough to join me in my drama ramblings. Together we talked our way through our favorite actors dramas and drama tropes as well as the dramas and tropes we just can’t stand. We also took a quick detour to talk about Gong YooRead More

Drama Ramblings with Zombie Mamma – Episode 3: It’s Complicated

Believe it or not, I’m back with yet another episode of Drama Ramblings. (Woohoo!) This week it seems like all of DramaLand has decided to focus on complicated relationships and frustrating me to no end, which gives me a whole lot of goodness to ramble on about. (Which in all honesty, kinda surprises me because in allRead More

Drama Ramblings with Zombie Mamma – Episode 2: Awesome Agents and Weasel Princes

I have to admit, figuring this whole podcasting thing out has been a bit more complicated that I initially realized. However, I’m determined to get this all figured out and so I shall… Someday… I hope. I the meantime, I can keep posting these drama ramblings of mine on YouTube because why not? At this point, I’m stillRead More