TUESDAY’S TEASE: Time-Traveling Cops and Too Much Pretty to Handle

We’re barely a week into March and already I feel like my poor fangirl heart is about to explode. Between the overwhelming number of K-Pop comebacks that have already happened since the beginning of the month, and the number of comebacks I’m looking forward to, it’s kinda hard to imagine how I’m going to surviveRead More

TUESDAY’S TEASE: Why Is GOT7 Trying to Kill Us And Other Unanswerable Questions

Life is full of unanswerable questions. Questions like: Why do socks always go missing when you do laundry? Does the man in the moon like cheese? Why do I always fall for the second lead in dramas? Will I ever see INFINITE perform in person? The universe if full of questions and yet, the question I’m mostRead More

K-POP ONE-STOP: October 23-30, 2015

Hip Hip Hooray! It’s finally Friday! And while I’m not dancing on the rooftops today to celebrate (because dancing on the roof when you have cold is very dangerous… Stuffy head + loss of equilibrium = death) I’m still happy in my own subdued way. (Celebrating by staying in bed all day counts as celebrating,Read More