TUNE OF THE WEEK: iKON “Love Scenario”

I’m pretty sure this week’s “Tune” comes as a HUGE surprise to… absolutely no one! Yeah… I know. I should probably work on keeping my biases more in check. But really, where’s the fun in that? Besides, with a song as flipping fantastic as “Love Scenario” well… There’s every reason in the world to be freaking out rightRead More

ASTRO’s Back With “Baby” And I Can’t Stop Smiling!

I know it’s a holiday weekend, here in the States, so writing this puts me in danger of getting griped at by certain family members but sometimes you just gotta let the fangirl out regardless and this is certainly one of those times! I mean it’s not every day you get a new ASTRO MV so fullRead More

#TBT: BIGBANG “Fantastic Baby”

It’s been over a year since BIGBANG last released their M, A, D, E EPs and that whole promise of a full-length MADE album has yet to be fulfilled. However, after reading yesterday that the group has not only just wrapped up filming for a brand new music video, but also have plans to film another video at the beginningRead More