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My name is Tanya and I am an addict.

I am unapologetically obsessed with Asian culture (particularly Hallyu, but includes ALL of it), making ugly faces in pictures, sunglasses, and my salt and pepper shakers that look like ninjas.

I got started on Hallyu as a fluke. I finished watching the last episode of one of my favorite anime series and sat there like, “Now what?”  After searching through Crunchyroll, I was introduced to Boys Over Flowers. Oh, I was skeptical (I mean, have you seen Lee Min Ho’s hair in that show?!) but I gave it a try and I could not stop watching. And by not stopping, I mean I watched the whole thing in two days. Even bought a premium account so I could stream it on my phone when I wasn’t driving during my road trip.

And then it got worse. After I ran out of dramas to watch on Crunchyroll, I found DramaFever and I’ve been attacking their catalog and simulcasts ever since…. to the point they sent me an email about our “intense relationship” and turned my regular premium account into an elite premium account.tanya 2

K-Dramas are a gateway. You want to know more about the actors and actresses. Then you end up having this conversation: “Oh, pretty much all of them sing? Oh hey, K-Pop, can we be friends?”  Followed closely by: “That outfit is amazing! Where did it come from?! How much does it cost?”  and  “That food looks delicious! I want it now…. Google! You’ll find me a recipe, right?!”  Then you start with: “Hey best friend! You need to watch this/listen to this with me so you can be obsessed too!”

Once you start, there is NO stopping!

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